Climate and Energy Leadership

R20 Leaders, former governors and world leaders continue to speak out about sustainable development based on their real world experiences in office. SGA collects this information and highlights these perspectives as references for today's policymakers to consider when facing decisions about our continued addiction to oil, coal, and nuclear power and the clear opportunities around clean, efficient energy sources and uses.


Press / Highlights 
June 13, 2013 -- The Telegraph
Terminate doubts and be a climate action hero

April 25, 2013-- 
G1 Rio de Janeiro 

No Rio, Schwarzenegger elogia Brasil e diz nao querer 'tirar proveito' do pais

April 8, 2013 -- LA Times

Schwarzenegger: California's silent disaster

December 30, 2012 -- National Journal
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Terminator, Body-Builder, and Global Leader on Climate Change

December 20, 2012 -- Politico
Arnold Schwarzenegger's focus: Terminating climate change

December 18, 2012 -- SF Gate

Busy year for Schwarzenegger capped with big environmental award

September 25, 2012 -- LA Times

Prof. Schwarzenegger gives a lecture on post-partisanship

September 24, 2012 -- Associated Press

Schwarzenegger Back- This Time as a Think Tank Guru

August 27, 2012 -- Pacific Standard Magazine
The Third Act: Professor Schwarzenegger

May 23, 2012-- The Hill
A federation of sovereign realms: Arnold Schwarzenegger starts the world again

April 26, 2012-- BBC
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Green quest goes on

March 7, 2012-- Click Green
Schwarzenegger launches pioneering sustainable world project
Watch the Sustainia presentation with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Connie Hedegaard and Terry Tamminen

March 5, 2012-- RTS
An interview with Governor Schwarzenegger

February 7, 2012 -- Video from 12th Annual Delhi Sustainable Development Summit in New Delhi, India.
Keynote by Governor Schwarzenegger

December 16, 2011 -- Video from the Governor's Climate Conference
A conversation with Governor Schwarzenegger

December 5, 2011 -- Los Angeles Times
Arnold Schwarzenegger urges candidates to champion green energy

December 4, 2011 -- The Washington Post (op-ed)
An unfair fight for renewable energies

September 20, 2011 -- Press Release
Arnold Schwarzenegger gives an award to AER President for her commitment in favor of green energy

September 19, 2011 -- Piers Morgan Tonight
Granholm: Obama debt plan about fairness

September 2011 -- Governor Granholm's A Governor's Story: The Fight for Jobs and America's Economic Future
Jennifer Granholm, the state's first female governor, tells how one state struggled and pioneered ways out of a perfect economic storm-- and offers proven advice for a nation desperate to create jobs.