Climate Action Plans

In conjunction with a state's GHG reduction targets, the development of a comprehensive Climate Action Plan is essential to any state or municipalities efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Once GHG emissions targets are set, a Climate Action Plan can provide the roadmap or guide to achieving those targets.polar bear

A comprehensive climate action plan may have several recommendations based on the composition of a state's emissions. For example, California's Climate Action Team report has 9 key recommendations including a multi sector, market-based system that includes trading, mandatory reporting of GHG emissions reporting, and an aggressive alternative fuels program. (You can download the Executive Summary here.)

Even more critical is a mechanism to implement and enforce the recommendations made in the report. California's Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 codifies California's Greenhouse Gas Emissions targets and implements the state's Climate Action Team report.

States with Completed Climate Action Plans/Or Equivalent*

Alaska (August, 2009), Arizona (August, 2006), Arkansas (October, 2008) California (December, 2005), Colorado (November, 2007), Connecticut (December 2003), Florida (October, 2008), Hawaii (Dec, 2009), Illinois**, Iowa (December, 2008), Maine (November, 2004), Maryland (August, 2008), Massachusetts (2010), Michigan (2009), Minnesota (April, 2008), Montana (November, 2007), New York (November, 2010) Nevada (July, 2008), New Hampshire (March, 2009), New Jersey (December, 2009), New Mexico (2006), North Carolina (October, 2007), Oregon (December, 2004), Pensylvania (December, 2009), Rhode Island (2002), South Carolina, (July, 2008), Vermont (October, 2007), Utah (October, 2007), Virginia (December, 2008), Washington (February, 2008), Wisconsin (July, 2008)

States with Plans Underway

Kansas (EO 08-03), Kentucky

*For example, New Jersey passed the Global Warming Response Act which requires that a report be submitted to the legislature that lays out how the state will achieve the GHG reduction targets that were specified by the Act (and are now written into law)

**Illinois' recommendations are complete, although the final report has not been released.

US States with Climate Action Plans

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